Take Me (To The River)

I can’t figure why
I have answers in my mind
For every time
I have broken bread

I can’t figure out
What they’re talking about
When they say they love each other
In each other’s beds

It’s a way for me to escape
So everywhere I play
I will run away
With everything you fake
I can take it
I can fake it

Won’t you
Take me to the water
So you can
Drown me in the river
Won’t you
Take my hand
So you can
Leave me here

I can’t run and hide
So I’ll just tell you lies
To soothe the situation
Inside our heads

I can’t seem to find
Where I draw the line
All the ink is running
From this broken pen

It’s a way for me to create
So every day I wait
I will have my way
As I throttle my own fate
I will take it
I will fake it

Lyrics by Anne Dorko