Show & Tell

Post it up
Where you can see
For you to find me
If you please

It’s in the air now
It’s in the breeze
If you can catch it
It’s yours to keep

Cause I keep hoping
And I keep choking
On the words you said
The words you said

And I keep trying
But I keep dying
Begging for a God
I can believe in

Lay me on the open alter
Wait, you will see me falter
I am all for –
Change direction
Cause your inflection
To drop a notch
As you are caught
Off-guard and not
For nothing
For nothing at all
Was it nothing at all

F Am F G x2
Cause I know
We’re hoping for something
I know
We’re screaming at nothing
I know what I don’t know
I know this well
Cause I know
We’re reaching to touch it
I know
We’re too quick to rush it
I know a lot about show and tell
Let me show and tell

Tear it down
Walk away
I’ll leave the rubble
There to stay

Create some distance
Catch my breath
If I’m not careful
I’ll catch my death

Cause I stay broken
Though I stay open
Cause I hope you’re there
I hope you’re there

But I stay restless
And I stay selfish
Praying for a love
To lose myself

Take me to the fount immortal
Drain my youth into the portal
I have no use for
The angst of time
Is it even mine
To take and use
At my discretion
Or aim it right
In your direction
In hopes that you find
You like what you find

Lyrics by Anne Dorko