Don’t Love Me

It was just a moment
Just a time
Just a passing
Song and rhyme
As we held hands
And held the door

It was every moment
I could see
Every piece of her
Was part of me
As we held hands
Then waved goodbye
Empty handed
Lost as can be
So I ask you
Baby please

Don’t love me for tomorrow
Don’t love me for today
Don’t love me for silly things
Or words I might say
Don’t love me for being here
Or for something to do
Don’t love me
For anything
But you

These are simple moments
Simple songs
All the parts of me
Held in too long
And when I hold you
I breathe you in

I can’t give you reasons
Or tell you why
All I know
Is I’m prepared to die
But then I see you
I hear your voice
But I don’t need you
Don’t stay for me
All I ask is
Baby please

Whoever I am
Whatever we are
I can’t promise
We’ll make it very far
I’m here for right now
It’s all we ever have
Take me or leave me
Just don’t leave me had

Lyrics by Anne Dorko